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Shoppers hit by Australia-wide EFTPOS outage | The West Australian

The Internet infrastructure in this country is unsatisfactory. What would happen if there was a prolonged outage, for say a week.

The West Australian

Nuclear weapons? Australia has no way to build them, even if we wanted to

But developing and sustaining modern nuclear weapons requires a certain combination of technologies and industries that Australia simply does not have. In fact, it may be safely estimated on the basis of approval and construction times for nuclear power reactors in other western countries that it would take some 20 years to establish such capabilities in the present legal and economic environment.

Encryption laws developed after little consultation with Australian tech companies, FOI documents reveal – ABC News

Among other things, the laws give authorities power to compel a company to create a new technical way to access encrypted communications — a text message sent in the WhatsApp messaging service, for example.

ABC News

Forget Tesla – China’s BYD is driving the electric car revolution

FORGET Tesla – the world’s biggest electric car manufacturer is a Chinese company you have probably never heard of. With the age of the fossil-fuel car drawing to an end, electric vehicles (EVs) from China could be on track for global dominance – assuming that the hundreds of start-ups in the sector don’t skid out and crash.

New Scientist

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