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RNSH southern campus under threat again from sale or long-term lease

In 2011, in response to a massive outcry of community anger with a written petition of nearly 15,000 signatures and a march on Parliament by staff, patients and relatives, the Minister of Health announced a moratorium on the sale of Royal North Shore Hospital land. However in 2014, it seems that now the lure of quick money from a land sale is again too great. 

From recent press releases it appears that the “moratorium” has been lifted. It appears that with Sydney’s current property boom, an expression of interest has been expedited to sell/lease land at the front of the hospital and thereby allow private developers to build nearly 25,000m2 of office space. The staff and community have not been consulted with respect to use of this land and it appears it is not for the direct commercial benefit of the hospital, its staff and patients. It  should be rejected outright.

Royal North Shore Hospital is a major teaching hospital that trains future doctors, nurses and other health professionals. It serves 1 in 17 of the Australian population. Following the move to the new hospital in 2012, the hospital has regained the confidence of the community. Consequently it is currently experiencing unprecedented increases, year-on-year, in emergency department presentations and hospital admissions. If this campus land is lost, the ability of Royal North Shore Hospital to grow and develop to meet this increasing patient demand is lost, it also jeopardises its ability to remain a centre of teaching excellence and still a number of displaced services through the rebuild remain uncertain in their future with respect to whether they will be privately operated for example childcare and relative accommodation.

You can oppose this sale by telling the NSW Premier, The Hon. Mike Baird MP, that misuse of community land is not good enough.

To voice your opposition to the sale or long-term lease of the RNSH southern campus, please:

a. Sign our 2 petitions:

  1. Download, sign & pass on our hard copy petition for presentation to the NSW Lower House.
  2. Sign & share our online petition.

b. Write to your local NSW Member of Parliament.

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