RNSH campus size – setting the record straight – Nov 10, 2014

The current campus is 14.2 hectares.

After the proposed sale, and excluding the private hospital, it is 11.0 hectares. The private hospital is not strictly a part of the public hospital campus.

After exclusion of the heritage area, it is 9.8 hectares. The heritage buildings have very limited development potential for the site.

The area being divested is approx 1.1 hectares.

The master plan claims the campus is 16.1 hectares, but this includes St Leonards Oval, which is council property. The North Sydney Council has identified St Leonards as an area with inadequate open space. It will therefore not be available for hospital expansion.

This is the Master Plan document made available to the public – Factsheet

The Master Plan gives the impression that the campus can be expanded to 33.1 hectares.

Highlights of the Master Plan include:

  • The 9 zones allow for future expansion of all services from their current area of 164,040m2 to a future clinical support areas of 331,380m2 – an increase of 100%.
  • Complete future replacement of the ASB
  • Significant expansion of ambulatory care, sub-acute, mental health and research and education spaces
  • Space for support activities such as patient and carer accommodation and family services
  • Extensive green spaces and a heritage precinct around the Vanderfield building
  • Significantly improved access to public transport with better connections across the campus to St Leonards railway
  • New opportunities for other clinical service providers.

To say that the current site is 16.2 hectares and can be expanded to 33.1 hectares is EXTREMELY MISLEADING.

The maximum size including the private hospital and heritage building is 14.2 hectares. The space available for the hospital to fulfil its clinical role as the major tertiary referral centre is closer to 9.8 hectares.

If the current divestment occurs, our generation will have sold off the best part of the campus. Flat land immediately accessible to public transport.

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