“The land should not be sold whatsoever” – Anthony Roberts MP, 2011 – November 18, 2014

In 2011, The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP, the Liberal Member for Lane Cove spoke about the importance of keeping RNSH land in the future.

He called the proposal to sell the land short-sighted & explained that the Coalition’s position was very clear – “The land should not be sold whatsoever”.

In an interview with one of RNSH’s senior doctors in 2011, Mr Roberts lent his voice to our cause.

“Can I tell you, the land sale is stupid and short-sighted. It cannot be allowed to go ahead.

We’ve got to look to the future to make sure that hospital has the ability to expand its services, and the way to expand its services is not selling off valuable land you’ll never get back for commercial interest and short-term gain.

So, I can tell you the Coalition’s position is very clear in this. That land should not be sold whatsoever, and it should be held for future use and future expansion.

It’s so incredibly short-sighted to sell that land. And again, where do you expand the hospital? As services need to be expanded, as capacity needs to be expanded, you need that land. And you are not going to achieve that by selling it off, as you’ll never get it back.”

Well, the current strategy is totally flawed and short-sighted. Royal North Shore Hospital is a hospital that we can be very proud of. It’s a hospital that I’ve visited, and I have to say I am a regular visitor there, particularly with my constituents undertaking operations, and being very well looked after.

It’s something that I think, particularly in the Southern Hemisphere, should and can become a centre for medical excellence. And the only way of doing that, again, is through expanding and supporting it – not through selling land.”

– The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP, Member for Lane Cove, Minister for Resources & Energy, Special Minister of State

Rolling the clock forward three years, we re-pose our question “are you remaining true to your word & willing to listen to the concerns of your local constituents in preserving the hospital for future generations, by not divesting our hospitals valuable land?”