Judith Smythe, Pink Ladies volunteer, RNSH

IMG_5718Judith Smythe, a gorgeous Pink Ladies volunteer in her 80s, has spent the past 8 years volunteering at RNSH. She works four-times-a-week at the hospital. She has gripes with the current lack of shelter offered to those disembarking from the bus on walking frames, crutches, wheelchairs & heading up the path to RNSH. She is also frustrated with the lack of shelter provided to those heading from the North Shore Private car park to RNSH. In addition, she fields many complaints about the railing along the pathway for people to grip onto that allegedly “gets boiling hot in the heat & slippery in wet weather.”

Her biggest gripe relates to the government’s planned divestment of RNSH’s southern campus. “It’s very narrow-minded. They have given no consideration to the future. We’re an ageing, growing population. Why sell land that will be needed in the future to help prevent & manage illness? It’s senseless, and all for the sake of generating a bit of cash now. It shows absolutely no forward-thinking by the government.” – Judith Smythe, Pink Lady