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Help SaveRNSH – Please Explain

It’s time to make an appointment to meet with our local politicians and ask them to PLEASE EXPLAIN what’s happening. Why are they planning to divest one of NSW Health’s most accessible pieces of real estate, to generate a sum of money that would only run a major referral centre like RNS for a few …

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Please continue lending your support to #helpsaveRNSH in 2015 – Jan 7, 2015

In 2015, we continue calling on all members of the RNSH community to lend their voices to #helpsaveRNSH. The number of petition signatures to date has reached 16,409, and is still growing. In 2015, we ask that we keep up the momentum and ensure that the land in Zone 8 of RNSH remains with the hospital …

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Help SaveRNSH – The CSB

The Clinical Services Building was built because the original hospital redevelopment was inadequate, with too few beds and inadequate provision for essential services. The only reason it COULD be built was because the original decision to sell 30% of the campus was reversed. The CSB was built on land that was originally planned to be …

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Help SaveRNSH

Metropolitan Sydney is likely to resemble Shanghai/New York in 5-10 yrs time, the technology to build affordable very high density residential accommodation is now available and it is changing the face of the city. We need to retain RNSH campus land, it is a vital part of the infrastructure that will support that growth. If …

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Earth From Space: 15 Amazing Things

Earth From Space: 15 Amazing Things In 15 Years NASA Goddard’s Scientific Visualization Studio showing the seasonal changes in vegetation on the planet. Winters seem to be much harsher in the Northern Hemisphere!

Help Save RNSH

In a rapidly growing metropolis, such as Sydney, why would you sell land on a major tertiary referral centre that is 50 meters from rail infrastructure? We need an explanation. 

Photo of the Day

Stray dog on the banks of the Ganges, at Varanasi, 2007.

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