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Why are we selling our most valuable health assets to developers?

Flat land within 50 meters of metropolitan rail, on a University Hospital Campus. Who made this decision? Why are they not accountable. (1) (1) “EOI for Purchase (Freehold/Leasehold) of RNSH Masterplan Land.” 2015. Government Property NSW. https://tenders.nsw.gov.au/dfs/?event=public.rft.showArchived&RFTUUID=BFE2A060-F931-8E95-F58DB25AD71BDE95.

Mr Abbott – Are we not selling our children’s future …

“This government is determined to ensure that this generation is as good to future generations as previous generations were good to us. We are not going to sell out the future” (1) Why are we selling the land in one of the countries major University Hospitals? #helpSaveRNSH is the teaching hospital that serves your electorate …

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