Advice to Mr Turnbull

Our advice to Mr Turnbull — “You are not qualified to have a strong opinion regarding who should be the elected representative of the citizens of North Sydney. A hasty retreat to the eastern suburbs is advised …” Ted Mack has been an alderman on the North Sydney Council for 14 years, the Mayor of North Sydney for 8 years, the State Member for North Shore for 7 years and the Federal Member of North Sydney for 6 years. He is the only person ever to have been elected and re-elected as an independent to local, state, and federal government in Australia, and is often referred to as the “father of the independents”. He chose to serve for only two terms in both the New South Wales state seat of North Shore and the federal seat of North Sydney to avoid receiving a parliamentary pension. The citizens of North Sydney respect Ted and the contribution he has made to our community over the years.2015-11-10-224014 -- SMTemplate