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New study delves into what makes a great leader

According to a new study by Dina Krasikova, assistant professor of management at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), the key to a successful, creative leader is confidence. Krasikova, an expert in leadership, took a closer look at the modern workplace and noted that many factors lead to a productive, well-led team. from …

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5 reasons why physicians fail as leaders

Most physicians are smart and very talented. They’re skilled clinicians and technically superb. But despite such abilities, they fail to get others to follow them, once they take on the role of leader. As a consequence, they’re unable to get physicians to change or improve performance. Jay Conger, a professor of business at Claremont McKenna …

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New “Super Battery” Energy Storage Breakthrough Aims At $54 Per KWh

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Mining to dining: Australia becomes China’s land of milk and honey

Asian consumers determined to improve their lifestyle are boosting the fortunes of Australian producers of premium baby milk formula, vitamins and honey, as the region’s burgeoning middle class jumps on the health food bandwagon. from Phys.org – latest science and technology news stories See Link via IFTTT

How plants protect photosynthesis from oxygen

During the daytime, plants convert the Sun’s energy into sugars using photosynthesis, a complex, multi-stage biochemical process. New work identifies a protein needed for assembling the photosynthetic apparatus that may help us understand the history of photosynthesis back in the early days of life on Earth, a time when oxygen was not abundant in the …

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If Apple loses, your home could be the next thing that’s unlocked

“In a recent interview about Apple’s ongoing legal battle with the Department of Justice, Tim Cook said that our smartphones have more information about us and our families than any other device we own. He’s right. And if the FBI is able to compel Apple or any company to circumvent a phone’s encryption, it would …

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Drone flies within 30 feet of passenger jet landing at Heathrow

Multiple close-misses near London revealed in UK air safety report, plenty more in the US. from Ars Technica See Link via IFTTT

Big Health Benefits To Small Weight Loss

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The Most Popular Porn Searches in Every State

Red states and blue states might not agree on much, but they do find some common ground on one topic: Porn. Americans really like porn. And apparently, according to PornHub data, Americans really like lesbian, stepmom, and stepsister porn in particular. The porn site just revealed the most popular porn search terms by state. Lesbian …

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Shockingly, Salem’s Plan to Unleash 75 Lawn Care Goats on the City Did Not End Well

A goat, not caring for your grass; AnastasiaPash / Shutterstock Salem has shuttered its program that turned park landscaping responsibilities over to a crew of several dozen goats, after the goats ran amok, drove away park visitors, and cost the city tens of thousands of dollars. The city in Oregon first unleashed several dozen goats …

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