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Promoting organisational justice in medicine and health science research and practice

See Link The BMJ’s issue highlighting clinical and research malpractice is welcome, as is the recognition of trenchant resistance to change. Privileged groups seek to defend the indefensible. There is much …

Should you edit your children’s genes?


GrowOya Pots Allow for Easier and More Water-Efficient Gardening

Watering pots designed by GrowOya are a water-efficiency answer to the question of how to keep that garden growing while maintaining a busy schedule and, of course, doing all of this sustainably. Source: GrowOya Pots Allow for Easier and More Water-Efficient Gardening

Global Internet population grows to 3.2 billion: study

“The number of people worldwide with Internet access reached 3.2 billion at the end of 2015, but the remaining 4.1 billion still could not get online, a Facebook-sponsored study showed.” http://phys.org

Internet by light promises to leave Wi-Fi eating dust

“Connecting your smartphone to the web with just a lamp—that is the promise of Li-Fi, featuring Internet access 100 times faster than Wi-Fi with revolutionary wireless technology.” See Phys.org

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