These are the LG G5 modules we’d like to see

You may not care for a camera grip, but there’s still a lot of potential to be found in LG’s modular phone.
LG’s goal was to shake things up this year, and whether you’re a fan of the G5 or not it’s hard to argue that they didn’t accomplish their mission. The G5 is unlike anything else available right now, and a big part of that is the ability to add serious functionality to phone through the modular slot on the bottom. The accessories made available at launch target a handful of very specific users, but there’s still plenty to be said about the way this tech could be used.
If you’re reading this, LG, here’s what we think you should be doing with that modular slot on the G5. Extended battery with a hinge — This seems like a no-brainer. A battery extender that snaps into the bottom of the phone and folds back to the fingerprint sensor, but is mounted on a hinge so it doubles as a stand when extended. Make it 2,000mAh over the standard capacity, and people would jump all over it….

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