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No coal: Solar, wind, gas dominate new US generating capacity in 2016

First new nuclear plant in 20 years is only 4% of the nation’s additions. from Ars Technica See Link via IFTTT

‘Need for Sleep’: Even elite students are not spared

The legendary work ethic of East Asian students may have driven them to the top of the standardized test leaderboard, but researchers found that adolescents who sleep five hours a night for a week experience significant cognitive degradation. These findings caution against the levels of sleep curtailment practiced by as many as half of East …

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China set to surpass its climate targets as renewables soar

“Wind and solar energy surged in China in 2015 to record levels, helping the country to pivot away from coal, which still provides two-thirds of its power” from New Scientist – News See Link via IFTTT

Scientists Breed Pigs Resistant to a Devastating Infection Using CRISPR

And the race to develop commercial applications for the revolutionary gene-editing tool is off and running — Read more on from Scientific American See Link via IFTTT

China Cuts Coal Use for Second Year in a Row

But can its numbers be trusted? — Read more on from Scientific American See Link via IFTTT

Can fracking power Europe?

Several countries hope to unleash vast natural-gas reserves through fracking, but drilling attempts have been disappointing. from NatureNews – Most recent articles – science feeds See Link via IFTTT

Gene switch makes us look like our animal cousins

An international team of biologists has discovered how the same genes are turned on in mammals, fish and amphibians early in embryonic development, making them look incredibly similar for a brief period of time. from – latest science and technology news stories See Link via IFTTT

Researchers point to infrastructure as part of the solution in a carbon constrained environment

Most people know that properly inflated tires can improve a vehicle’s fuel efficiency, but did you know that properly maintained roadways can improve fuel efficiency across an entire pavement network? from – latest science and technology news stories See Link via IFTTT

Why did sex evolve? Prof Laurence Hurst explores

The reason why, in terms of evolution, organisms have sex may seem rather obvious – they do it to reproduce. Clearly, natural selection must favour individuals who can reproduce over those who can’t. But this is missing the point. For many species there is an alternative: asexual reproduction. from – latest science and technology …

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Synthesis of faulty protein chains leads to the formation of toxic aggregates

Protein aggregates are deemed to be one reason for the death of nerve cells in disorders such as Alzheimer’s or Huntington’s disease. As researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry report in the current issue of Nature, they have now decoded a new cellular mechanism for the development of aggregates. Missing stop signals in …

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