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A new way to discover DNA modifications

DNA is made from four nucleosides, each known by its own letter—A, G, C, and T. However, since the structure of DNA was deciphered in 1953, scientists have discovered several other variants that are often added to the DNA sequences to replace one of the usual four letters. from – latest science and technology …

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Autonomous Killing Machines Are More Dangerous Than We Think

Reaper drone firing missile. Credit: YouTube A former Pentagon official is warning that autonomous weapons would likely be uncontrollable in real-world situations thanks to design failures, hacking, and external manipulation. The answer, he says, is to always keep humans “in the loop.” The new report, titled “Autonomous Weapons and Operational Risk,” was written by Paul …

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US and Europe reveal how they’ll protect your personal data

The US and EU have published a big pile of documents that spill the beans on the pair’s replacement for Safe Harbor. The new provision is known as the EU-US Privacy Shield and is designed to limit how much personal data the NSA (amongst others) can access. The files also call for the creation of …

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Google self-driving car crashes into a bus (update: statement)

Google’s self-driving cars have been in accidents before, but always on the receiving end… at least, until now. The company has filed a California DMV accident report confirming that one of its autonomous vehicles (a Lexus RX450h) collided with a bus in Mountain View. The crash happened when the robotic SUV had to go into …

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NY judge rules feds can’t force Apple to unlock an iPhone

A US magistrate judge in New York has ruled that the government can’t force Apple to help law enforcement unlock an iPhone using the All Writs Act. This case in question is about drug trafficking and is not related to the San Bernardino shooter case. While the cases are different, it’s a win for Apple …

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