Money Talks

Unfortunately, all is not what it would seem with Australian democracy. Unfortunately, money talks. During the North Sydney by-election, it was estimated that the Liberal party spent over $600,000 on the campaign (1,2). And this is in one of the safest Liberal seats in the country.  It might be old-fashioned, but it is probably not unreasonable to expect that the individuals who represent our community in government are independent, educated and articulate. We can only hope, that against the odds independents across the country do well in the upcoming federal election. If you are voting in the federal seat of North Sydney, please consider contributing to Stephen’s campaign fund

(1) Devine, M. (2015). A very bad omen for the Prime Minister. Retrieved from Daily Telegraph (Dec 9, 2015)

(2) Stone, J. (2016). The North Sydney By-Election and the Abbott Factor. Quadrant, (May).