Why should we have to march in the streets?

Why did the Liberal and Labor governments try to sell the RNSH campus, a teaching hospital of national importance? In the 1900’s, our community put in place a campus that grew into a major teaching hospital which serves 1:6 of the NSW population. In one generation (starting with the land sale in the 1990s under the Greiner Liberal Government), that vision was lost. Major academic institutions across the world like Harvard and the University of Glasgow would not exist if they were not nurtured. If it had not been for community action, almost a third of the campus would have been lost. Please consider voting for Stephen in this Saturdays federal by-election for the seat of North Sydney. We need a representative who will act in the best interests of our community.  For more information see http://drsruff.org/.   At the same time, the South Australian government spent $2.3 billion on the Royal Adelaide Hospital. A building that is allegedly the third most expensive building in the world.  Even now the capacity of the RNSH hospital is insufficient, and the redevelopment has not been fully funded.