Election Day in North Sydney

This is going to be a challenge!  The infographic shows Stephen’s vote in orange at the last election (1). On a two-party preferred vote, he received 40% of the votes. All we need is a 10% swing. This is something we can achieve. Please tell your friends and family about Steve’s campaign and encourage them to like our page on social media.  At this time, financial support would be extremely valuable (See http://drsruff.org for details).  Imagine a society in Australia whereby the political candidates were able to truthfully represent the needs of their communities in a manner independent to their alliance with the major political parties.  That is our vision. It is our children’s future. It is the future of democracy in this country. Please help make the 2nd of July Independence Day in the seat of North Sydney.

Polling Booth Image2

(1)  Thanks to Colin and Stephen at http://finitiy.com.au for their wonderful data analysis.