Dear Mr Zimmerman

As the state president of the Liberal party, you have a great deal of influence on party politics.  Presumably, at both a state and federal level. It is the perception of the electorate that decision-making within your party is driven by the agendas of the major factional groups. In a democracy, in which power is monopolised by two party system it is critically important that within these parties there is a sound democratic process. As you are aware, in the seat of North Sydney the community representative will almost inevitably be a member of the Liberal party. That representative will be chosen by the Liberal preselection process, not the ballot box. As a result, the community relies on your party to select those representatives in a democratic manner. We would like you to work on ensuring that this is the case in your party, and until that objective is achieved, I will be voting for Dr. Ruff on the 2nd of July.


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