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Jun 09

Your Choice

In Australia, do we want a political system consumed by party politics?  Or do we want to elect educated, articulate individuals who have a long history of community service? If you live in the seat of North Sydney, you can make the 2nd of July “Independence” day. For more information see http://drsruff.org. #Auspol #drruff

Jun 08

Will the real Stephen Ruff please step forward?

If you can help. Contact us by email stephen@drsruff.org or contact the campaign office on mobile 0429391036. Alternatively you can fill out our online survey at SurveyMonkey.com

Jun 08

Richard and Sarah

Jun 08


Jun 06


The cows will calve this month. This black baldy has calved early.

Jun 05

Pick your poison.

“An unflinching belief in the power of the individual has always been one of our republic’s greatest virtues. We no longer adhere to this principle in modern political life. We promote and adulate two power-hungry collectives based on a false premise of common values. These two parties do not represent America’s independent political legacy. They …

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Jun 03

We need you!

July 4th is Independence Day, we need to make July 2nd Independent’s day. We can have an Independent Member for North Sydney! To do this, we need your help on election day and in the week leading up to the election. Volunteer to help. Contact us by email at stephen@drsruff.org. Ring the campaign office on mobile 0429391036. …

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Jun 03

Is this democracy?

In our current two party political system, money seems to be a major determinant of what happens on election day. It is estimated that the liberal party spent over 1 million dollars during the 2015 North Sydney By-election. Outside Willoughby Girls High School there were so many Liberal party posters, there was no practical location …

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