Accountability in Government

  1. Factional warfare and leadership struggles are endemic – six prime ministers in nine years, six premiers in 11 years.
  2. Federal Liberals watched the previous Labor government destroy itself with leadership struggles, political donations and pandering to special interests. Yet they are following the same path. State liberals are also matching the previous Labor Government in courting suicide.
  3. Former Judge Tony Fitzgerald (who chaired the 1987 Queensland Royal Commission into political corruption) on 16 June 2013 wrote in The Australian newspaper “The body politic is rotten”. He stated “There are about 800 politicians in Australia’s parliaments. According to their assessments of each other, that quite small group includes role models for lying, cheating, deceiving, ‘rorting’, bullying, rumour-mongering, back stabbing, slander, leaking, dog whistling, nepotism and corruption”.For at least 30 years obfuscation and rules on so-called political donations have been passed to supposedly restrict them. Yet they have hugely increased as have “freedom from information laws”. Today many decisions in parliament are made by special interest groups outside parliament. Secrecy is the essential element of corruption.
  4. A recent example is the monstrous decision to force increased sales of ethanol on behalf of the state’s virtual sole supplier after its huge financial contributions to Federal and State Liberal parties and supported by Labor. This effectively means the closure of all garages that do not sell ethanol. A massive betrayal of liberalism.
  5. This is matched by the coup d’etat in local government virtually ending 150 years of local democracy in NSW as a result of the many millions of dollars from the development industry. Local government has many problems mainly created by the State Government, but size is not one of them.