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Apple pays $193m tax in Australia on $27b revenue as Federal Government vows to capture lost taxes – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Secret of Our Success by Joseph Henrich


A book discussing the importance of cultural evolution, a phenomenon that is largely unique to our species. It has allowed us to adapt to our environment at a rate far quicker than genetic evolution.  Whilst accepting the benefits, we must acknowledge the risks.

From the Aesop’s Fable – Hare thought he was so fast that it wouldn’t cost him much if he rests for a while. It was his negligence in competition assessment cost him the race. I believe, it would be fairly right to say that the tortoise did not win the race, it was hare who lost it.” – Mukesh Pandey

In the coming decades, our future may be determined by our “cultural wisdom”. The Secret of Our Success by Joseph Henrich makes good reading.

Henrich, Joseph, The Secret of Our Success: How Culture Is Driving Human Evolution, Domesticating Our Species, and Making Us Smarter (Princeton University Press, 2015) <> [accessed 30 December 2015]


Minister Skinner, are you familiar with the data?

RNSHGrowthOver-100-yearsGrowth in service requirements on the campus over the last century (1). Have you thought about the next century? #helpSaveRNSH

(1) Sherrington, G, and R Vanderfield. 1988. “The Royal North Shore Hospital 1888-1988. A Century of Caring.”  Horwitz Grahame.

Minister Skinner, where is your plan for the future …

PacificHighway1200x627EmailA model T Ford parked in Herbert St, with the Pacific Highway in the background (1920s). Have you thought what the campus will be like in a further 100 years?  #helpSaveRNSH

1. Sherrington, G, and R Vanderfield. 1988. “The Royal North Shore Hospital 1888-1988. A Century of Caring.”  Horwitz Grahame.

Why are we selling our most valuable health assets to developers?

Flat land within 50 meters of metropolitan rail, on a University Hospital Campus. Who made this decision? Why are they not accountable. (1)
(1) “EOI for Purchase (Freehold/Leasehold) of RNSH Masterplan Land.” 2015. Government Property NSW.

Mr Abbott – Are we not selling our children’s future …

“This government is determined to ensure that this generation is as good to future generations as previous generations were good to us. We are not going to sell out the future” (1)
Why are we selling the land in one of the countries major University Hospitals? #helpSaveRNSH is the teaching hospital that serves your electorate …
(1) Commonwealth Parliament, Parliament House. 2015. Hansard 9th February 2015. p 76