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Preparing for Independent’s Day

Saturday the 2nd of July. If you can help on election day see for details or contact Cathy on 0429391036.


Imagine a democracy in which our elected officials had been trained to research an issue and make balanced, logical decisions. A world where politicians did not have to spend their time defending poor policy, and fighting amongst themselves. In a modern world, where we need to feed 7 billion people there is no other option. Please consider …

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Respect for Democracy

This is what the Liberal party did at Willoughby girls high school during the recent by-election for North Sydney. There was almost no space for other candidates to post their election material. Legalities aside, it would seem to demonstrate a disregard for the democratic process in this country. If you believe in a fair go, …

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Download our Election Material

Our election material can be downloaded here.

The Father of Independents

Ted Mack supports Stephen as an Independent Candidate for the Federal Seat of North Sydney. See our web-site for more information  

Election Day in North Sydney

If you can help with Stephen’s campaign please contact our office on 0429-391-036. See for more information.

Election Day

To win this election we are going to need help from every man, woman and their dog 🙂 Please tell you friends and family about Stephens campaign. See

The Digital Age

How the North Shore of Sydney has changed! “The Royal North Shore Hospital maintains a flock of 31 sheep in order to keep down the grass on the lawn” — Sydney Morning Herald – 1920’s. Stephen recognizes the importance of understanding our history, but at the same time looks to the future. He strongly advocates …

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About Stephen

“Dr. Stephen Ruff … has been a tireless worker for the community of North Sydney particularly for betterment in health delivery and health services generally. During the years that I have known him, he has given selflessly to the preservation of the public hospital system and academically to the further advancement of Royal North Shore …

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About Stephen

“At the turn of the last century Stephen Ruff, all but solely, was responsible for rescuing the orthopaedic and trauma service at Dubbo Base Hospital. With his leadership, he mustered his colleagues from RNSH and beyond to maintain a first-class service which continues to flourish. Health is the single major item in Federal and State …

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