Green Space and Health

  • Urban Planning 4 Health Guidelines: A Guide for NSCC Population Health. This was published by NSAHS in 2009 and is a guide to urban planning. It contains a number of key references.
  • Health, Well-Being and Open Space. This is published by the OPENspace research centre, which focuses on inclusive access to outdoor environments – our work covers all types of landscape, in urban or countryside contexts, the benefits it can offer and the barriers to access.
  • RNSH Concept plan. This is located on the NSW Government Department of Planning Site. The current concept plan is located under Public Files/Environmental Assessment/Environmental Assessment – Main Report. There are multiple PDFs that need to downloaded. The proposed ammendments to this plan are located in Appendix K. If you think the site is difficult to find/navigate you are correct.
  • Medial Staff Councils response to the RNSH developments amended concept plan. This can be seen on the NSW Department of Plannings Web Site. The public submissions to the ammended concept plan are located in the section Submissions/General Public and Agency Submisisons.
  • North Sydney Councils. Open space provision strategy.
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