Pick your poison.

“An unflinching belief in the power of the individual has always been one of our republic’s greatest virtues. We no longer adhere to this principle in modern political life. We promote and adulate two power-hungry collectives based on a false premise of common values. These two parties do not represent America’s independent political legacy. They represent lies and pervasive societal lethargy. They represent lies and pervasive societal lethargy. They represent a broken system that stifles the innovative and rewards the banal. They represent tyranny.”

A.G. Roderick with regard to the American two party political system … Is the system in Australia any different? We need to make July 2nd, “Independents” Day in Australia.

Roderick, A.G. (2014-10-03). Two Tyrants: The Myth of a Two Party Government and the Liberation of the American Voter (Kindle Locations 163-165). City of Gold Publishing. Kindle Edition.


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    • Con costa on 2016-06-08 at 2:54 pm
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    Yes. The 2 party system screwed Greece as well. Well and truly – and a lot of their sovereign wealth squandered on military spending with kickbacks to the politicians by the arms manufacturers….but now they have a rainbow alliance which is powerless at the hands of European financiers. The pattern likely to be repeated in many other countries including Australia. Independents have no control over the military spending which is done by the executive and also now de coupled from the budget.

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