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About Stephen

Stephen has been an orthopaedic surgeon at the Royal North Shore Hospital for 30 years, specialising in the treatment of spinal injuries. Fourteen years ago he established a network of surgeons, based at the RNS Hospital, that has provided orthopaedic and trauma services to Dubbo Base Hospital. It provides an essential service to a significant …

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Dear Mr Zimmerman

As the state president of the Liberal party, you have a great deal of influence on party politics.  Presumably, at both a state and federal level. It is the perception of the electorate that decision-making within your party is driven by the agendas of the major factional groups. In a democracy, in which power is …

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Election Day in North Sydney

This is going to be a challenge!  The infographic shows Stephen’s vote in orange at the last election (1). On a two-party preferred vote, he received 40% of the votes. All we need is a 10% swing. This is something we can achieve. Please tell your friends and family about Steve’s campaign and encourage them …

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The two-party political system has monopolised democracy in this country

In this country, the “two-party politician” is an advocate for the organisation to which he belongs. He is rarely an independent representative of his community, as would be expected in a true democracy (1). Decision-making in government is heavily dependent, not on the democratic process, but rather the influence of lobby groups and party politics. …

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Interview at 2RRR

Stephen and Jack during an interview at the local Hunters Hill radio station 2RRR today.  This evening Stephen will be at the Dougherty Centre in Chatswood.

Willoughby Progress Associations – Meet the Candidates Forum

This will be held at the Dougherty Community Centre (7 Victor St., Chatswood) this Tuesday, June 21, 2016, at 7:15 – 9:15 pm. Candidates for the federal seats of North Sydney and Bradfield will be in attendance.  Stephen will be present and answer as many difficult questions as possible :-), please see the Willoughby progress Association’s website for more …

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Will the real Stephen please step forward?

Our children’s future

“As a society, we need to focus, not just on our standard of living, but on the standard of living of our children. Where practical, we need to avoid policies which result in short-term financial gain at the expense of abandoning this vision.” Please consider voting for Stephen on the 2nd of July. For more …

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Meet the Candidates For the Seat of North Sydney.

A meet the candidates forum will be held next Friday the 24th June at 7.30 pm in the Greenwich Community Centre (48 Greenwich Road). It is an opportunity to meet the candidates for North Sydney in the upcoming federal election on 2 July.  Each candidate will speak for five minutes. There will be an opportunity to …

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Why should we have to march in the streets?

Why did the Liberal and Labor governments try to sell the RNSH campus, a teaching hospital of national importance? In the 1900’s, our community put in place a campus that grew into a major teaching hospital which serves 1:6 of the NSW population. In one generation (starting with the land sale in the 1990s under …

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