Meet the Candidates For the Seat of North Sydney.

A meet the candidates forum will be held next Friday the 24th June at 7.30 pm in the Greenwich Community Centre (48 Greenwich Road). It is an opportunity to meet the candidates for North Sydney in the upcoming federal election on 2 July.  Each candidate will speak for five minutes. There will be an opportunity to ask questions. The event has been organised by Don Murchison, a local resident, who will be the moderator. The event will conclude at 9:30 pm.


Why should we have to march in the streets?

Why did the Liberal and Labor governments try to sell the RNSH campus, a teaching hospital of national importance? In the 1900’s, our community put in place a campus that grew into a major teaching hospital which serves 1:6 of the NSW population. In one generation (starting with the land sale in the 1990s under the Greiner Liberal Government), that vision was lost. Major academic institutions across the world like Harvard and the University of Glasgow would not exist if they were not nurtured. If it had not been for community action, almost a third of the campus would have been lost. Please consider voting for Stephen in this Saturdays federal by-election for the seat of North Sydney. We need a representative who will act in the best interests of our community.  For more information see   At the same time, the South Australian government spent $2.3 billion on the Royal Adelaide Hospital. A building that is allegedly the third most expensive building in the world.  Even now the capacity of the RNSH hospital is insufficient, and the redevelopment has not been fully funded.


Our Environment

We have no choice but to protect our environment, it is our children’s future. For more information about our campaign please see



Liberal Party Politics in North Sydney

An informative article in which describes the internal Liberal party politics which lead up to the recent North Sydney by-election: – “Liberal and swinging voters will not be intentionally voting for Zimmerman, because they hardly know him. He has been parachuted into the seat by the faction, previously known as “The Group”, which represents the “wet” side of the party … Expect more fireworks as the Howardistas and Abbottstanis go down the gurgler.”…/wets-gunning-for-hockeys-seat-a…/. You will need to register, but it is worth reading.

If you can help our campaign. See


Mr Turnbull and the “world wide wait”

Australia has dropped down to 48th place in a global average broadband connection speed rankings list published by Akamai Technologies (1).

The Liberal government is keen to promote North Sydney as a centre for innovation. They claim that their focus innovation will allow Australia to remain competitive in a world that embraces digital technologies. And yet under their leadership, Australian Internet connectivity has fallen to speeds not much above Third World countries.  Mr. Turnbull bears particular responsibility for this as he was Minister for Communications prior to his current appointment as Prime Minister.  Stephen understands the importance of secure, fast Internet connectivity to all sectors of our economy.  If elected to Canberra, he will be a strong advocate for reform in this area.

(1)  Akamai. (2015). Akamai’s [state of the internet] – Q4 2015 report.


Our politicians are the real election issue

“The pivotal issue of election 2016 isn’t jobs, or tax, or growth, climate, education, refugees, healthcare or super. It’s Australia’s politicians. … This election, more than any, is about the “black hole-in-the-heart” of Australia’s political representation – not about the contest of ideas. (1)”

(1) Julian Cribb, the Sydney Morning Herald –



Stop before it is too late

“No further open cut mining or coal seam gas drilling should be permitted in residential or good agricultural land. Our long-term future as the food bowl of Asia is more important than coal. In terms of global warming, it is true other countries can replace Australian coal but nothing can replace the loss of good agricultural land in the Hunter Valley or the Liverpool Plains.” For more information about Stephen’s policies see



Medicare is one of our country’s great achievements. It ensures that we can all access health services when we need them, regardless of income. It needs to be preserved at all costs.  The United States spends 17.1% of its gross domestic product on health (1).  Despite this, Gallup estimated in July 2014 that the uninsured rate for adults (persons 18 years of age and over) was 13.4% .  A figure which would suggest that 40 million people do not have adequate access to healthcare (2).  We do not need such an inequitable system in Australia.



Stephens Election Policies

Download our Policy Document

Stop it at the start.

Violence against women and their children is a serious issue in Australia. Stephen strongly supports the federal government campaign to prevent violence against women and their children.

  • 1 in 3 women has been a victim of physical or sexual violence, since the age of 15, by someone known to them. (2012 Personal Safety Survey, ABS)
  • 1 in 4 women have been emotionally abused by a partner. (2012 Personal Safety Survey, ABS)
  • 1 woman dies almost every week at the hands of a current or former partner. (2015 Australian Institute of Criminology report)

There is a clear link between violence towards women and attitudes of disrespect and gender inequality.  Need to do everything we can to prevent this in our community. #auspol #drruff


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