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Advice to Mr Turnbull

Our advice to Mr Turnbull — “You are not qualified to have a strong opinion regarding who should be the elected representative of the citizens of North Sydney. A hasty retreat to the eastern suburbs is advised …” Ted Mack has been an alderman on the North Sydney Council for 14 years, the Mayor of …

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Chinese Version of website

The Chinese version of our election material is available on the website. Please see Please share this link with your friends, if you can help in any way please call 0429-391-036.

Democracy is failing

Democracy is failing in this country. Community representatives are selected by factional politics in the major parties, and few apart from the major parties can afford the tens (to hundreds) of thousand dollars required to mount an election campaign. It is time for change, vote Independent on Saturday the 5th of December. If you can …

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It’s time for change

The land that the new Clinical Services Building is constructed on would have been divested in 2011 had it not been for the community’s protests see It is time that federal politicians took an interest in the fate of our major teaching hospitals. This has happened despite the fact that RNSH is the local …

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