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Are the Constants of Physics Constant?

“So far, they seem to be—but nobody really understands why ” from Scientific American Content: Global See Link via IFTTT

Many Americans have problems with cost and access to healthcare, poll finds

“While most Americans were satisfied with the healthcare they received, around 20% said that the quality had been “fair” to “poor,” and many reported having problems with the cost of, and access to, care, a new poll has found.” from Latest headlines from BMJ See Link via IFTTT

Cancer’s penicillin moment: Drugs that unleash the immune system

“The new drugs that saved Jimmy Carter are giving years of extra life to people with bleak prognoses. Have checkpoint inhibitors turned the tables on cancer?” from New Scientist – Current Issue Articles See Link via IFTTT

Digital fitness devices help patients monitor health and activity, improve outcomes

“A digital fitness device, technology already owned by 1 in 10 Americans, provides a unique opportunity for patients to monitor their activity levels, medication use, weight, sleep patterns, rehabilitation progress, and other personal health data, ultimately empowering them to improve clinical outcomes, according to a new study.” from Latest Science News — ScienceDaily See Link …

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Peanuts, peanut butter may hold key to preventing obesity

“A study found middle school children at risk for being overweight or obese reduced their Body Mass Index by eating a snack of peanuts, compared to those children who did not.” from Latest Science News — ScienceDaily See Link via IFTTT

A Huge, Rooftop Farm Takes Root In Chicago

“The owner of the two-acre vertical farm — New York-based Gotham Greens — claims there’s no bigger rooftop greenhouse in the world.” In Chicago, on nearly two acres of land, a greenhouse sits on top of a factory in the historic Pullman neighborhood. from Urban Organic Gardener See Link via IFTTT

How to Write Short: Master Word Craft In the Digital Age

“Whether you identify as one or not, everyone is a writer. Between social networks, dating profiles, blogs, and the day-to-day tasks of most jobs, writing is an essential skill. In How to Write Short, author Roy Peter Clark illustrates the value of brief, short-form writing in our technology-driven world, and shows you how to do …

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Galaxy S7’s camera is so good, it makes DSLRs look bad

We’ve already watched the Galaxy S7 batter the iPhone 6s in a series of camera tests, but how well does it stack up against a professional DSLR? When it comes to phase detection autofocus, surprisingly well, actually. See Samsung’s new smartphone make the Nikon D70 look bad in the mind-blowing autofocus test below. Isn’t that incredible? …

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China’s Wind and Solar Energy Capacity Is Soaring

“Smog-filled days may be a part of life in Beijing for now, but China is cutting coal and growing its wind and solar energy capacity fast, according to figures released yesterday by the country’s National Bureau of Statistics.” from Gizmodo See Link via IFTTT

Bees ‘dumb down’ after ingesting tiny doses of the pesticide chlorpyrifos

Honeybees suffer severe learning and memory deficits after ingesting very small doses of the pesticide chlorpyrifos, potentially threatening their success and survival, new research from New Zealand’s University of Otago research suggests. from Phys.org – latest science and technology news stories See Link via IFTTT