Feb 07

Minister Skinner, why are you selling our land?



2015-02-07-0749 - PWC


“Specialist centres, rather than having many general hospitals have the benefit of improving the quality of care where there is sufficient demand for services. Centres of excellence have greater capacity to attract a critical mass of specialist clinicians, facilitate high standards of training and invest in advanced specialty equipment. (1)”

Minister Skinner, why are you selling our land? (2) Have you seen this report? (1) ‪#‎helpSaveRNSH‬

(1) Coopers, Price Waterhouse. 2012. NSW Infrastructure. Health Infrastructure Baseline Report. Infrastructure New South Wales.http://www.infrastructure.nsw.gov.au/…/pwc_insw_health_base….
(2) “EOI for Purchase (Freehold/Leasehold) of RNSH Masterplan Land.” 2015. Government Property NSW. https://tenders.nsw.gov.au/dfs/….

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