Jan 29

Medicinal plants—the next generation

RNSH Garden

RNSH Garden

“Presumably, as modern-day hospitals assess the needs of their populations they will identify high prevalence of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases linked to nutrition across the lifespan. Thus, community gardens connected to hospitals would seem to represent valuable infrastructure that can benefit t local people. Unlike other interventions that specifically target at-risk individuals or subpopulations, gardens engage whole communities and provide a humane service—access to nutritious foods (1)”

(1) George, Daniel R, Wade Edris, Ryan Hanson, and Falisha Gilman. 2016. “Medicinal Plants—the next Generation.” The Lancet 387 (10015): 220–21. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(16)00052-0.

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