Make Saturday the 2nd of July Independents Day in the Seat of North Sydney


Dr. Stephen Ruff, Independent Candidate for North Sydney.

Stephen will be contesting the seat of North Sydney in the upcoming Federal Election. In the recent by-election, a 10% swing in the two-party preferred vote would have defeated the current member. His primary platform was to oppose the sale of the southern portion of the Royal North Shore Hospital Campus. This appears to have been successful, given the recent government announcement to retain this land. Work still needs to be done to ensure that the redevelopment of the campus is be funded and that there is a sensible plan for expansion of the campus as the population of Northern Sydney increases in the decades to come.

Stephen’s motivation for standing is mainly his concern for the mismanagement of public health policy, particularly the future of the North Shore Hospital. Information on a wide range of policies including the economy, the environment, trade treaties, energy, transport, education, immigration, open government, reform of politicians’ entitlements and constitutional reform, are provided on his website
Sydney has been held by a member of the Liberal Party or its predecessor for all but six years of its existence. Between 1990 and 1996 it was held by Ted Mack. Ted is the only person to have been elected and re-elected as an independent to local, state and Federal government in Australia. He is widely considered to be the “father of the independents” in this country. We are fortunate to have Ted as a member of our community and as a strong supporter of Stephen’s campaign. He has demonstrated that the electorate will support a talented individual as our representative in government. A person who is free to represent our community and not the national agenda of the major parties.

Help free North Sydney from Party Politics and vote for an independent who is free to represent our communities needs in government.

If you can help in any way, please fill out our online survey or consider making a donation. Our campaign office can be contacted on 0429-391-036 or by email