Mr Turnbull and the “world wide wait”

Australia has dropped down to 48th place in a global average broadband connection speed rankings list published by Akamai Technologies (1).

The Liberal government is keen to promote North Sydney as a centre for innovation. They claim that their focus innovation will allow Australia to remain competitive in a world that embraces digital technologies. And yet under their leadership, Australian Internet connectivity has fallen to speeds not much above Third World countries.  Mr. Turnbull bears particular responsibility for this as he was Minister for Communications prior to his current appointment as Prime Minister.  Stephen understands the importance of secure, fast Internet connectivity to all sectors of our economy.  If elected to Canberra, he will be a strong advocate for reform in this area.

(1)  Akamai. (2015). Akamai’s [state of the internet] – Q4 2015 report.