June 21, 2016 archive

Election Day in North Sydney

This is going to be a challenge!  The infographic shows Stephen’s vote in orange at the last election (1). On a two-party preferred vote, he received 40% of the votes. All we need is a 10% swing. This is something we can achieve. Please tell your friends and family about Steve’s campaign and encourage them …

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The two-party political system has monopolised democracy in this country

In this country, the “two-party politician” is an advocate for the organisation to which he belongs. He is rarely an independent representative of his community, as would be expected in a true democracy (1). Decision-making in government is heavily dependent, not on the democratic process, but rather the influence of lobby groups and party politics. …

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Interview at 2RRR

Stephen and Jack during an interview at the local Hunters Hill radio station 2RRR today.  This evening Stephen will be at the Dougherty Centre in Chatswood.