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Australia is an energy-rich country

Solar energy is fast approaching the cost of fossil-based fuels, when this happens, Australia will be amongst the most energy-rich countries in the world. We must embrace renewable energy. Not only for this reason but to preserve our environment. It is our children’s future. For more information about Stephens campaign please see http://drsruff.org/

In the 50’s we did not sell our hospitals to pay the bills

In the 50’s we drove FC Holdens. We did not sell our hospitals to pay the bills. Both the state Liberal and Labor parties tried to do this at RNSH … the electorates major teaching hospital. This was prevented by community action. Please consider voting for Stephen in Saturday’s federal election for the seat of North …

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Time to fix our healthcare system.

The Minister for Health has announced that 30% of spending on health has been wasted (1). This amounts to $46 billion per annum. Over ten years this is the same order of magnitude as the USA bailout in the Global Financial Crisis. This gigantic waste must be fully investigated including a full analysis of the …

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Your time would be invaluable.

We can make the 2nd of July Independent’s day in the seat of North Sydney.  There are many ways you can help. In the run-up to polling day, tell your friends and family about Stephen.  Encourage them to share our posts on social media.  Volunteer to help on election day.  For more information see http://drsruff.org …

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