June 29, 2016 archive

Preparing for Independent’s Day

Saturday the 2nd of July. If you can help on election day see sruff.org for details or contact Cathy on 0429391036.


Imagine a democracy in which our elected officials had been trained to research an issue and make balanced, logical decisions. A world where┬ápoliticians┬ádid not have to spend their time defending poor policy, and fighting amongst themselves. In a modern world, where we need to feed 7 billion people there is no other option. Please consider …

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Respect for Democracy

This is what the Liberal party did at Willoughby girls high school during the recent by-election for North Sydney. There was almost no space for other candidates to post their election material. Legalities aside, it would seem to demonstrate a disregard for the democratic process in this country. If you believe in a fair go, …

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