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Displaced Services

  • The Southern Campus proposed for sale currently houses RNSH Childcare which is run by the Local Health District. It is Internal childcare centreproposed that the private operator may house the childcare service. On speaking to the Childcare manager in October 2014, they have not yet been informed of the model of child care proposed. Childcare at RNSH has traditionally been subsidised and currently is $86/day per child compared to $120/day which is the average for the lower North Shore.  The waitlng list for this service is currently 120 children which reflects the satisfaction of hospital staff with respect to the excellent service delivered.  The hospital staff support the current model and do not wish to transfer to a private childcare model.
  • To attract quality nursing and allied staff at the hospital it is important that salaries are not consumed by costs such as expensive childcare and parking fees.
  • Staff and student accommodation has not been available at the hospital over the last few years due to the redevelopment. The Lower North Shore rentals are such that staff who wish to live near their workplace is expensive.  Recently recruited overseas nursing staff, nursing and medical students do not currently have access to low cost accommodation. Other campuses such as Westmead Hospital this is provided which is attractive for those on low salaries.
  • Other important hospital services including onsite rehabilitation beds and hydrotherapy pool have not yet been disclosed to have a location.
  • Accommodation for out-of-town families has been overlooked in the upgrade and currently no facility is available.  It is proposed that this would potentially be under the control of the developer who acquires the land on the Southern Campus. The hospital staff are concerned that the interests of the private operator would differ from the interests of the patients and their families. Daily hotel fees, food costs, transport costs for families when a loved one is in hospital over weeks can mount into thousands of dollars.
  •  If a development is to occur in the southern campus, the parking associated with the facilities it brings needs to be discussed.
  • There will be a future need for subacute beds for the increasingly aged population and there is no available space after the planned land divestment to build such a service.