Evening at Inverness.



Forest Lodge

Trucks from Forest Lodge participating in the 2018 Goulburn “Convoy for Kids” (Saturday 10th November).

Quick Spray

Spot Spraying Thistle

Slowly getting on top of the thistle problem. Spot spraying along the tree line adjacent to Chapmans Lane. (McGowen).


McGowen, Ian. Discrimination and Mapping of Scotch Thistle (Onopordum Spp.) and Serrated Tussock (Nassella Trichotoma [Nees] Arech.) Within Pastures, Using Landsat Thematic Mapper Imagery. Charles Sturt University, 2000. Print.


DDG pellets fed from the trailer.

Heiffer Calves

Getting ready to feed the cattle.

Holly taking time off to help feed the cattle during a drought. At the present time, we are feeding three times a week.

Looking to the east

First cross ewes with their second cross lambs.


Inverness Drought

Inverness In late February 2018.

The year 2017 was the warmest year on record for NSW. It had also been the driest year since 2016. Although the Goulburn Region was not as badly affected, At Inverness we missed the Spring and Autumn rains that are so important for pasture growth in the Southern Tablelands. By the end of February 2018, there was very little grass. And as a result, we’ve needed to feed cattle throughout the winter of 2018. Rainfall in January and June tends to be ineffective because of the extreme heat in summer and winter frosts.

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